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Maintaining your sexual health can help you prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs. Following these 10 tips will help you maintain good sexual health.

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Maintaining your sexual health can help you prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs. 

While you’re trying to have satisfying and fun sex, it’s important to remember that pleasure isn’t all there is to sex. You may encounter certain sexual health problems if you don’t work to keep them at bay.

Sexual activity provides you with so many physical and mental benefits. It’s thus necessary that you don't compromise your sexual health.

Maintaining it will afford you the ability to enjoy a stress-free life. It'll also improve your blood circulation and give you a good immune system. Besides, maintaining good sexual health can help you prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs.

Whether or not you’re sexually active, it’s better to know how to achieve a healthy sexual status.

These 10 key tips will help you maintain good sexual health:

Study how your body reacts when doing sexual activity
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Study your body

As the human body differs in looks, so does its functionality. The way your buddy’s body reacts to sex isn’t the way yours will.

So you need to pay attention to your body, listen to its needs, and give it what it requires.

Let’s paint you a scenario.

“The month is February. You’re in your partner’s arms. Getting ready to hit the sexual road.  You’ve gotten all mushy and wet.

So, the journey began, and you enjoyed a seamless 7-minute trip.

Fast forward to May, you’re in the same position. Getting caressed. But you can’t seem to get wet. You’re trying so hard. Yet, it isn’t forthcoming”

Now, there’s a problem somewhere that needs attention. Your inability to get wet is signalling danger.

Therefore, to maintain good sexual health, you need to study your body and understand how it responds to sexual activity.

Pay attention to warning signs

From the scenario earlier, the difficulty in getting wet is a warning sign.

You have to be on the lookout for signs like itching, burning, changes in vaginal discharge, or pain during sex, among others.

The moment you begin to experience any of these symptoms, it’s time for you to see a healthcare provider before complications.

Limit your alcohol consumption
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Limit your alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can impair your judgment. While you're under the influence of alcohol, you might engage in risky sexual acts against your will.

So, if you’re used to taking four bottles of alcohol daily. You can start by reducing the number of drinks you take to one or two per day.

Maintain a healthy weight

You need to avoid getting excessively overweight. Being obese can lead to a couple of health problems like diabetes or heart disease. And these conditions put you at risk of sexual dysfunction, making it difficult to maintain good sexual health.

Practice safe sex
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Practice safe sex

As much as you desire the pleasure you get from sex, it’s equally important that you play safe.

Always use condoms during sex to reduce your risk of getting STDs. And if you’re sexually active with multiple partners, make sure you get tested regularly for STDs.

Most importantly, try to avoid getting involved in risky sexual acts.

Exercise regularly

Exercise can improve your blood circulation. It helps you function better when it comes to sex.

Doing exercise can also reduce your stress levels and help you  maintain a healthy weight.

Maintain a good relationship with your partner

Maintain a good relationship with your partner

A good relationship with your partner can help improve sexual communication and intimacy. It’ll help you both understand each other and what needs to be done to enjoy sex.

However, if you’re having trouble in your relationship, you should consider seeing a counsellor.

Eat a healthy diet

Healthy diet can improve not only your general health, but also your sexual health. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

Quit smoking
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Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking can block your blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to reach your genitals. It can also make you infertile or make it difficult to get aroused.

Get regular checkups

Be sure to get regular checkups with your gynecologist. This will keep you up-to-date on any vaccinations, such as the HPV vaccine.

It'll also ensure you catch any potential health concerns early.

Final Thoughts

A healthy sex life doesn't have to be costly and time-consuming. Following these tips can help you maintain sexual health and attain satisfaction.

Many people still think good sexual health is only about the quality of the sex itself. However, the way you treat your body with food, sleep and exercise plays a major role in your sex life.

Focus on getting maximum sexual pleasure, without compromise, with this sexual health package.